Saturday, June 19, 2010

best seat in the house...

Yesterday morning was a beautiful weather day. A perfect day. Bright blue skies -- and not a cloud in sight. Perfect weather -- except if you are planning on digging a 20 foot x 25 foot pathway. Rick decided to rent a sod remover -- it worked like a charm and kept us hopeful that this project would continue to go along smoothly.

However, the dirt beneath the sod was a smidge softer than concrete. So a trip back to the tool rental place was in order. Rick rented some sort of jack hammer thingie -- which worked well. He broke up the dirt -- and I helped shovel the dirt. By last night, this is what we had accomplished -- and after shoveling all I could do was think about sitting down in that chair.

By this afternoon this is what we have accomplished. It is waaaaay too hot out there right now.

So this is the chair to be sitting in!


  1. I think a dip in the pool & then RELAXATION is definitely what you two deserve for the rest of the WEEKEND?


  2. Tell rick it is to cool out, he has to wait a little bit longer and it will be just the right temp.


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