Tuesday, June 15, 2010

it's about time...

We brought this little hydrangea plant from our garden in NY. It bloomed once the first year we had it -- and then I pruned it back at the wrong time (in the fall). I couldn't let it go, so it moved from NY to here with us. When we first moved here, we planted it on the west side of the house and it almost turned it's toes up. So, we stuck it in a pot and put it aside in the section of the garden where the convalescent plants dwell. It was happy in the pot -- so last year I placed it next to the large hydrangea on the east side of the front porch. It seemed happy there too -- showing signs of growth. This year, during the early spring it showed signs of flower buds. The roots were growing out of the bottom of the pot, so I wanted to find a place to plant it in the ground. There was a bare spot on the east side of the garage -- and I couldn't figure out what to put there -- so there it went. And, now it is blooming -- PINK hydrangeas.

Well, that only took about 5 years!

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  1. Patience is a virtue, one that is often rewarded.


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