Tuesday, June 1, 2010

am I allowed to do this...

This morning I needed to fix the plant by our mailbox. Somehow part of it was pulled out of the ground and left laying on top of the rest of the plant. I am annoyed that someone would do this -- do they know that this is the first plant I purchased for my garden here? Apparently they did not think... "am I allowed to do this?" Perhaps now that it's replanted it will just go on being happy where it is. As I was replanting it, I also decided to take some of the grass away that is surrounding the mailbox, and, I also transplanted some morning glories from the backyard. As I was doing this, in the back of my head was a little voice asking..."am I allowed to do this?" I did not have the master gardener with me and was wondering if it would meet with his approval.

It took me over an hour to finish this little bit of gardening , and, while I was doing this the winds kicked up and Ozzy had decided he didn't want to sit on the porch any longer to watch me. So, we went inside and turned on the air conditioning -- because Mr. Ozzy DOES NOT LIKE THE HEAT. Now if it were just me, I wouldn't turn on the air conditioner until the kids came home from school at 3 p.m. because in the back of my head would be a little voice saying... "am I allowed to do this?" If I was all by myself a cool breeze outside would be just fine.

Those winds decided to bring some thunderstorms, so I did some inside chores and then I looked around for something else -- creative-- to do inside. AHA! I thought. I can take the candles that have been sitting on the bench and put them way up there on the shelf in the master bathroom where they belong. And, then, I'll go and get those tree branches that I painted to match the candle stands and put them up on the shelf too.

Here is the result. Am I allowed to do this...?

Apparently so, everyone here thinks it looks nice! :-)

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