Saturday, June 5, 2010

it doesn't hurt to ask...

I spied a great flag at the garden center during one of my visits there prior to Memorial Day. It was being used as a display -- hanging at the entrance of the garden center. I liked the flag so much, I put it on my shopping list for my next visit there. During my next visit, the flag was no longer hanging -- so I searched for it in the store -- but it was nowhere to be found. Sigh... I put the other items on my list in the shopping cart and went to the register to pay. As I was checking out, I mentioned the flag to the person at the register. She looked in a pile of things she had next to the register and found it. She gave me the total for my items, and then she handed the flag to me -- and I looked it over -- it seemed fine. I told her I would take it. She had already printed out a receipt for me to sign, so I anticipated that she would print another receipt for the flag. She didn't. She just handed the original receipt to me -- which did not include the price of the flag. I signed it and she said "have a nice day" and then left the register to go work somewhere else in the store.

I think it is looking very happy displayed here at the front of our home. What's that man's trash is another man's treasure...

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