Friday, June 18, 2010

the calm before...

It is the last day of 8th grade, and, 3rd grade. In a few hours, my daily quiet solitude will be over -- for the next couple of months. There will be no daily morning routine -- or -- any routine. There will only be, sleeping in (or not). Swimming in the pool (or not). Eating barbeque for dinner (or not). Evenings on the porch -- chatting with the neighbors as they walk their dogs, or, ride their bicycles. Sounds of Nicholas strumming his guitar. Playing scrabble. Counting lightning bugs. Being amazed -- because -- it's -- summer!

Oh, and what's that got to do with the picture in this post? Probably nothing. Just wanted to show that I managed to finish the foundation work for one of the bathroom curtains -- and -- I sent it to quality control for inspection. Do you think it meets their list of requirements?


  1. is that really your cats? they look like decorations in the window!!


  2. Yes, those are my cats! They are multi-purpose! :-)


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