Wednesday, June 9, 2010

pink plants and pots...

Oh, yesterday was such a beautiful weather day. Ozzy and I spent the entire morning outdoors -- came in for a little break, and, then we went back outside again. While I played in the garden, he chased bugs, and, caught a few (yuk!) I also painted a few of the old plastic pots that have been idle in the garage. I am amazed at how great this spray paint works. The pot on the left side of the picture was white and had some stains on it. I didn't spray the bottom. I put that awesome pink leaved beauty in it and now they are both keeping company with the other front porch plants. So far, I painted 3 pots (all similar to the one in the picture). The can of paint was about $4 in Wal-mart. I figure I saved myself about $10 -- so that will go in the piggy and we'll use it for a summertime treat for the kids!

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