Monday, June 14, 2010

pathway to the lovely... progress! Our next project is the paver walkway from the driveway to the gate. The pink string has been strung! If you squint and look right behind Ozzy in the picture you can see it. The pavers and aggregate are being ordered as I write. If weather permits, the existing sod will be removed on Friday morning, and we will continue working non-stop throughout the weekend -- except for a barbequed hamburger on Father's day.

Oh, if you're wondering what is "the lovely" -- it's this:


  1. Wow backyard looks very nice! Hope you take time to enjoy it. It's suppose to be HOT and humid this weekend.

    Karen F.

  2. Why dont you let rick let it get a little bit hotter and humid before he starts. I think the 90s is a little to chilly


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