Tuesday, February 15, 2011

fabric love...

I finally found fabric(s) for my bedroom.  I purchased the owl print about 3 years ago -- but I really didn't like the coordinating prints in that fabric collection.  Then, the owls got "lost" in the pile of fabrics in my sewing room -- and I forgot about them until I started organizing the pile(s) of fabric and found the owls.  Then, they would get lost again.  So, this time they surfaced I decided that I would finally make a quilt for our bed -- but I needed some coordinating fabrics.  I found them -- and they are by the same designer.  The colors are a bit softer in person -- and make me want to go to sleeeeeeeep...  The print at the top of the photo will become seat cushions.  The rest will become our spring/summer quilt.  I promise to post a photo when this is done!

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