Friday, February 4, 2011

let's talk about eggs...

Remember the "egg" scare awhile back?  You know, the whole thing about the caged chickens laying their eggs in their own poop?  Fortunately, the eggs that we were using (Eggland's Best) were not involved in that scare, but, it did make me look at eggs a bit differently.  I eat an egg for breakfast every morning (gee, wonder how many eggs I've consumed over the years...)  Anyhow, because of this, I do notice a difference in the taste of eggs from different farms.  A few weeks back, my local supermarket was having a "sale" on the cage free eggs -- so I finally bought them.  You know what I discovered?  There IS quite a difference between the cage free eggs and the "regular" eggs.  The cage free taste "fresher".  The egg shells are sturdier.  The large size eggs are actually large.  The egg whites (which I normally don't eat) are not as runny (see poached egg in photo), taste better, so I eat them!  The average price for a dozen of the cage free eggs is about $3.60 in my area -- so -- since I think I am worth at least 30 cents a day, I will be buying these to use as my our breakfast eggs.  I will buy the regular eggs to use for baking, etc. since the taste is not as important in that area.  

I would love to hear any egg opinions or facts that you want to share!  :-)


  1. Well how do you like that! I bought the same eggs myself and enjoy a slightly soft yolked, hard boiled egg everyday for breakfast along with yogurt (homemade of course). I noticed the eggs tasted better and the whites had a nicer texture. It's funny you should mention that.


    PS I finally found a reliable method of cooking the eggs.
    _Fill a pot with cold water , put the eggs in until the water boils. Lightly boil for 5 min. then remove from heat and let sit in water for 5 min. Then drain water, and let eggs cool in cold water. I find it easier to peel the eggs with this method too.

    I have also read to put a small amount of white vinegar in the water to aid in peeling.

  2. So it's not my imagination -- eggs have changed over the years -- glad to see the "old fashioned" kind are making a comeback!


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