Friday, February 25, 2011

it's still february, right?

Here is the line of thunderstorms about to hit me over the head as I am writing.  Guess the weatherman thought we needed a bit of exciting weather to perk us up!

Here is what it looks like outside.  Notice how tattered my porch flag has become.  We get some pretty heavy winds here.

And, in the middle of all this -- at my husband's request -- I ran outside to measure the light fixture on the front of the garage.

I don't hear any thunder...yet.


  1. Well, it was pretty heavy storms here, and, it is still at it. So, what is your hubby doing with my "favorite" light fixture?


  2. We had thunder...really close lightning...and, now...wind...

    He's not doing anything with that light fixture. We need to buy coordinating fixtures for the back steps and back of garage -- we just needed to know the right size...


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