Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm a big boy now...

Okay, so you might find this photo of me a bit intimidating.  I could just hop over that gate, or, if I was in one of my puppy frenzies, I could probably just run into it and blast it to smithereens...  But that's not my nature.  I am the biggest "fraidy cat" there is.  Nicholas calls me a "girl".  For example, right here in this photo -- the reason for my awesome stature is because my Dad is downstairs "framing up the walls" and using some power tools.  I'm really not sure of what that all means -- all I know is that every time the door to the basement opens, and I hear those "power tool" noises, I go running for the hills.  I am panting and pacing the floors like an expectant father.  The cats are looking at me like I am nuts.  My mom is just laughing, and hoping that I don't grow any taller than that line poking out from the top of my head in the photo.  Hopefully Dad is almost finished down in that basement, so Mom can take some photos of that for you.

In the meantime -- if you want to see my other "growth chart" photos, click on the "labels: growth chart" beneath this post.  I'll just be right here, making some small "woof" noises.

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