Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Okay, so it's Tuesday and I'm thinking it's Monday. It's September, and I keep uploading my new photos into the August folder on my PC. What have I been up to? Pretty much running in circles -- doing things for everyone else. I know if I just keep doing the things on my list, they will eventually be done -- but I need to put some time in there for me too.

Yesterday, we had an unplanned trip to the local mall. Nicholas needed a gig bag to carry his guitar to and from school. I'm not getting fancy with the wording -- I just learned the term "gig bag" this weekend, so I needed to use it in a sentence! :-) Anyhow, we walked the entire mall, and even went into the big stores, but there was not one gig bag to be found. Actually, we only found one store that even had maybe three guitars for sale. Sigh. What's the deal with that? So off to ToysRUs across the way, and, voila! We found the "perfect" gig bag for the budding musician.

Tomorrow, Rick is having a golf outing with some old friends. They will be coming here for dinner afterwards.

Today, I'm prepping the food and tidying up the house.

Right now, I am going to get breakfast for myself. The thought of all these things to do just stirred up my appetite.

Cross your fingers it doesn't rain on the golfers -- or my baked ziti out on the new patio --tomorrow!

I just realized there's an awful lot of the "me, my, and, I" words in this post. Does that count as "me time"? I'm kidding. Off to breakfast.

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