Friday, September 11, 2009

sunshine on a cloudy day...

This morning Sofia woke me up and asked "Mommy, how come it's so dark outside and the street lights are on? The clock says it's 6:30 a.m." I opened my eyes. Yup, it is a dark and stormy day. We are under a tornado watch. An east wind is blowing. Hey, maybe Mary Poppins will show up! :-)

Okay, so you're asking, what's up with the picture in this post? It's the fall/winter color for my new bathroom accessories. If I can't have the sunshine outside -- well, then, I might as well create my own, right? So, today, in between cleaning out the closet (new project) and finishing up the baby block (past due project), I'm going to have to pop my head in the bathroom every once in awhile today to chase away the gloom.

The sun is always shining somewhere -- hope you find yours today!

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