Wednesday, September 16, 2009

bored, but feeling better...

AAAAAChooooo! Yup! Still got that cold. The fever that plagued me yesterday is gone and so is the sore throat (well, almost). Due to the lack of "get up and go", I'm bored, and my head is now starting to suffer from a backup of creative thoughts. The kids are almost home and I've been looking at this floral fabric for the past 2 days. The problem is, no coordinating fabric -- beeeecause it's from my stash and about 8 years old.

Another AAAAAChoooo! and my mind clears... Aha! I have a plain fabric and some paint that matches the colors in the flowers. Let me run downstairs really quick (before Sofia gets home -- because all painting projects need to involve her) and grab those paint cans and see what I can create.

Me thinks it's a perfect match. I will post a picture of the striped curtain when it's done. The floral fabric will be used for pillows for the awesome window seat.

Nicholas just got home and gave it a thumbs up! :-)

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